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My DJ Cloud

Everything you need to know to get started!

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What is My DJ Cloud?

My DJ Cloud is the only backup and storage solution made just for DJs. It's a no effort solution that runs automatically, in the background.

Our apps for Mac and Windows back up your music files, dj library, crates, cues, loops, etc.

It works with sync folders for your music, similar to Dropbox or Google Drive, and also saves your dj library when you make changes in your dj app.

Our mobile apps allow you to stream your library on the go.

Backing up your files

How long will it take?

Backing up your files may take anywhere from a few minutes to even a full day or more, depending on the number of songs you have to upload, and the speed of your internet connection.

Restoring your files

How long will it take?

Restoring your files means that they all need to be downloaded. This may take anywhere from a few minutes to even a full day or more, depending on the number of songs you have, and the speed of your internet connection.

Backing up your library

Please read the article to make sure your library backups are working properly.

Restoring your library

How do I restore my library?

Backing up additional folders / external hard drive(s)

How can I back up an external hard drive?

Select add a sync folder from the left column and select the folder you'd like to add. You can add folders from any location, and can even select an entire external drive to sync.

Cloud Crates

What are Cloud crates?

Cloud Crates are different from your backups, and give you a way to access your My DJ Cloud library via third party integrations, and our mobile app.

Is this safe?

Why am I getting a warning from Windows?

My DJ Cloud is absolutely safe to use! It is a new app though, and new apps frequenly get the warning below from the operating system. To install, simply click the "More info" link, and then the install button on the next screen.

Other stuff

Do I need an internet connection?

Yes. Restoring a library also requires an internet connection.

What happens if I drop my internet connection?

If you're doing a back up and your internet disconnects, My DJ Cloud will automatically resume once you reconnect. No need to worry!

Are there mobile apps?

How much does it cost?

The Essential Plan is $7.99/mo for 200 GB of file storage

The Professional Plan is $11.99/mo for 2,000 GB of file storage.

Both plans have all features unlocked.


Library backups and cloud crates are currently supported for Serato, rekordbox, and Virtual DJ. However, sync folders can be used for file backup for users of any app.

The sync folder currently supports the following file types:

.mp3, .m4a, .m4p, .aifc, .wav, .wave, .flac

.aif, .aiff


Ok great, where can I download the app?

Once you're ready, you can download the app here:

Have a question not answered here? Click the chat bubble at the bottom of the screen, or send us an email support[at]

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